Here is the call of Megan and Rozie talking as she explains everything that has happened.

Ashely and Selena’s Conversation Part 2 

Here’s the second part of the conversation :)

Enjoy xoxo

Ashley and Selena’s Conversation.

Today Ashley (Owner of SE) spoke with Selena through Kik Messenger because she didn’t want her to have her number obviously below is their conversation.

Selena is a little rude here, as you can see her true colors were showing really good in this conversation we shall see if everyone gets the apology we deserve and if not, they will proceed and expose the rest with E! News! So we’ll see how this all turns out stay tuned i’ll keep everyone updated

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Secret Hook-up Continued..

This was sent to Ashley on twitter! I believe this is enough proof to back up the secret hook up from a while back in previous posts. The smile, The beanie and the hair.

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UPDATE : Selena’s Hook-up & More.

We got something new! We found out just last week Selena hooked up with some guys. Rozie found this out when she spoke with Justin last week.

According to Rozie, Justin said sadly he still cares about her, but something more than that happened. He received text messages from Taylor Swift she was texting him “crap”. Apparently Selena told her Justin runs SelenaExposed. A lot more happened so in that case them dating is def not a possibility.

Justin told her “I don’t have time to run an exposed page it’s insulting she thinks that,” “Fuck why is she trying to ruin my life I love her more than anything”

Obviously Selena doesn’t want any voicemail posts, because of course she’ll do something to sabotage his image/career if Ashley posts it. There has been a ton of pressure but Justin told her “Don’t stop what your doing she just…reminded me how evil she is”. She told Justin to watch who he’s around and then the next day someone sold those TMZ vacation pictures.

And Pattie of course thinks that same. Jacuqe has be cleared to be Cha’z girlfriend but Selena thinks Justins sleeping with her so she got mad because of that instagram picture. Like really? Why would Justin sleep with his bestfriends girlfriend?

@justinbieber “Get off ur phone Jacque”

Once the voicemail is posted all hell is going to break loose. Justin is SINGLE. Now Ashley is waiting for Rozie to sign these papers since it is her property since it was on her phone. They want her to sign stating that it is okay if they post it. No copyright and that it isn’t stolen they don’t want to be sued.

That is the newest information on this situation! Let’s hope that soon everything will finally be in the media! Let’s just be patient and let them do this all the proper way. xoxo <3 

UPDATE : Rozie and Justin’s Convo

In my previous post I told you guys that Justin and their source talked on the phone today! Well we have an update on that!!

Basically in the conversation Rozie and Justin spoke about the SelenaExopsed page.

So Justin called Rozie and she felt sick due to that fact that they haven’t talked in a while. The last time she ever heard from Justin was when he told her “Delete my number, I have to delete yours” along with “ps I know you and I know this wasn’t you and i’m sorry this is happening.. Goodbye take care” and that was the last she has heard from him until today.

She then answered the phone and it was Justin, he told her “Please tell me this ain’t you” and she heard laughing in the background and it was Za clearly because they are on vacation together in the Bahamas and Justin told Za “stop I have my serious voice on, stop, stop” and he kepy laughing. Rozie played dumb about what he was talking about clearly knowing they they both knew what Justin meant.

Justin and Rozie were on the phone for about an hour but only talked about Selena for a good 15minutes. Basically they were saying is it all got out of hand and that it was funny because it was all true. Justin told her at the end of the day “yeah selena hurt me so much but that shouldn’t make me as bitter as her to get revenge” Rozie agreed and then told him “well what about the time you tweeted that guys number on your twitter that offended you” and of course Justin couldn’t help but laugh.

Along with all that Justin believes Rozie is the one running SE and she tried telling him it was the owner of SE but she doesn’t think he believes her. He apologized to her a ton of time, and he does watch the account from a secret account that he doesn’t follow anyone or have any followers and he told Rozie that he wanted to help her financially and she told her no. But next week they are going to meet up!

As you can see Justin knows about the account but since he’s so mature and a good person he rather not even have to deal with all the drama and get revenge he rather stay mature about it. We will end up seeing how this all folds out!


Hey guys! Just to let you guys know, yes i’m fine, and whenever we do get something new to expose I will post it here things have gotten a little messy here. If you haven’t been following SE tweets, basically now the source has finally replied to SE and they have the voicemail. They are now taking it to a more serious note though. We will not be posting the voicemail until it is in the media, due to the fact that someone can save it and sale it before they have the chance to even get the story out to the media. Things are way more serious then we thought was going to happen. SE and their source now have lawyers involved, officials, and both of their parents, their not letting this go due to selena threatening their source. I’ll make a post with screenshot tweets and etc when there is more information on it. As far as we know their source has spoken to Justin today (Aug 20th), and just basically they’ve spoken to lawyers. Like I said i’ll keep you guys updated.

You guys stuff is seriously starting to get a little scary, come on now. this is wow…

@selenaexposedx : Okay I just got back home a hour ago. I texted Rozie this morning, no reply & it isn’t read. I texted her like 30 minutes ago same thing. I’m literally shaking & crying right now I hope she’s okay but now I’m getting a voicemail in a robotic voice from a blocked number saying “do not post any voice mail if you do (I couldn’t hear) & then it says we know who you are” I don’t know if this is a joke but I gave no one my personal number just viber. Only Rozie has it, & well of course we’re friends but I’m confused on how this person got my number.. I’m freaking out right now, this isn’t like her.”


I’ll be posting it on here for you guys as well! I have a way to save the insta videos to my computer so just in case you miss it i’ll have it here :) xoxo


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